Sensibly Armed

NFA Laser Engraving Services (ATF Approved)

Just get your Form 1 back?    Need your Name or Trust engraved on your new SBR?  We can do it for you.

We are a fully licensed 07 FFL / SOT 2 and can handle all firearms including machine guns and suppressors.

You can also mail us your item and we will engrave it to ATF standards and send it back to you. ( Usually a week turn around time)

There is a big misconception about not leaving the firearm with us, or you have to wait while we engrave it. This is NOT true! Once the firearm is disassembled, it is no longer under NFA guidelines. It becomes a Title 1 firearm like all the rest. Just send us the frame, receiver, or barrel, NOT the complete firearm.

This Option includes two lines of text in one area, Text will be cut to ATF required sizes and depth.

See example images.


Additional lines and/or your company logo can be added for an additional fee.

$ 55.00